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10 things likes and dislikes about the GT

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Check out this overview of some of the best features and those that could use improvement on the Stinger.

-Design both inside and out
-Cargo space
-Handling, steering and braking
-Capable engine
-Performance for it's price

What could be better
-Fitment and finish needs improvement
-Automatic transmission isn't very refined
-Poor rear visibility, slow power lift gate
-Seat comfort not great on longer trips
-Auto start/stop reengages every time car is shut down.
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As a first generation model, I think its impressive what Kia has been able to achieve with their first real sports car. I personally feel like it was a bit of an oversight not to offer it with a manual, at least in the base trim, but I know that's a growing trend in the industry. Time will tell if it makes a difference for the G70.
I think if they had opted for a smoother, less restrictive transmission that the lack of a manual would't be much of an issue. But with the current setup and forced up-shifting, it does remove the sporty characteristics which should be present on a vehicle like this.
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Check out this overview of some of the best features and those that could use improvement on the Stinger.
Stock Fitment improvement is probably agreeable, sure.

But our customers got nothing but love for it, especially with how less restrictive it is in putting different aftermarket fitment setups.

Just click on the images to check out the full gallery on these projects. Enjoy!

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