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2016 Kia Stinger GT Atlantica Is Limited To 500 Units

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Kia's Stinger is still a relatively new model and now the automaker is adding a special edition Atlantica model for the 2019 model year. Intended as a variant honoring the various global teams that had a hand in the Stinger's development, only 500 examples will be produced.

"The Atlantica edition introduces more European flare while distinguishing itself with exclusive badging and features not previously offered by Kia in the U.S. market", said Kia's VP of product planning, Orth Hedrick.

Using the Stinger GT as a base and borrowing elements from both the Euro-spec and Korean-spec Stinger. The limited edition Atlantica will have the same 19-inch alloy wheels from its European sibling and feature a rear deck lid Stinger badge borrowed from the Korean model. Something else that sets the Atlantica apart from the rest is a unique Deep Chroma Blue metallic painted body and special badges on the vehicle's sides near its front fender.

Moving inwards, the special edition model comes with exclusive Espresso Brown Nappa leather upholstery, black suede-style headliner, Surround View Monitor, wireless phone charger and heated rear passenger seat.

CarScoops claims pricing is still up in the air for the Stinger GT Atlantica, but Kia should release that information as we approach the model's summer on-sale date.
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I'm curious how many of those 500 models will actually be sold. Hopefully Kia hasn't inflated the price by too much for this special edition, as it doesn't look like the standard Stingers are selling through very quickly. One color really limits the amount of interested buyers.
Didn't know this was going to be an America only model, so that's 500 units allotted to the States only. Don't think Kia will be able to sell all of them in short order, especially when you don't get any performance upgrades with it and people who wanted one has probably already purchased their own Stinger GT.
Do we have any shots of what this new upholstery looks like in this model? Its going to have to be quite the upgrade from the standard editions to warrant the new price point. I had no idea it was limited to the U.S either, which makes the color choice more obvious. 500 units seems like a lot for only one region.
Not much to see since it's just brown leather and nothing really all that special. What's even more rare is the sunset yellow GT, which is limited to 400 units in the States. :D May as well go for the more uniquely painted Stinger instead of the Atlantica.
I think it was a little early for Kia to go the route of limited editions. At this point they haven't even proven the Stinger's platform based upon sales, and I think interested buyers will be more concerned with performance than unique styling.
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Limited editions are fine so long as they have more to offer than just some aesthetic upgrades, even if it's an unproven Stinger. Just need to make it a more appealing package compared to the standard GT and cater to people who buy these cars, meaning enthusiasts who would rather see more hp than leather seats.
Imo they should have saved the money they spent on this special edition run and put it into R&D for a hybrid powertrain in the Stinger. I think owners would be interested in a more efficient high performance model, and would actually be willing to pay more for it.
There are still plenty of Stingers sitting on dealership lots, so I think this special edition might be a little premature. It's great to see that Kia has such high hopes for their new performance sedan, but I think they would be better of spending some money on marketing.
It must be the price point that's causing hesitation amongst interested buyers. Seeing as how the top of the line Stinger GT is already $60k, they are going to have a tough time trying to sell these Atlantica models for any more than that.
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