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2018 Kia Stinger Review

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Kia was that somewhat quiet and dorky kid in everyone's high school. At the 10-year class reunion, they surprised everyone because all of a sudden they were hot and really rich. In contrast to those awkward high-school years, today they are the most compelling and confident person in the room and everyone wants to be their friend.

If success is the best revenge, then the Kia Stinger is the Korean automaker's big and silently sophisticated middle finger to the haters, all the people who had doubts, and all those more popular kids who looked down on it.

If you needed any more proof that Kia isn't that second-rate cheap carmaker it once was and you weren't already convinced by all the reliability and quality awards it has won, then the Stinger is it. The Stinger is one of the most impressive and surprising cars I've driven all year, and it should go down in history as the most important car Kia has ever made
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