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"Active engine sound settings"

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I'm new to the forum as of today. I look forward to learning and contributing to the forum.

I just purchased a new 2020 GT2 AWD, Ceramic Silver/Black interior.
I'm really enjoying and learning the car.

My question......Has Kia discontinued the "Active Engine sound Settings" feature? My 2020 manual states it has it but, on my drive mode custom settings there is no "Active engine sound settings" shown.
My dealers service dept was totally ignorant and could not help. My salesman thought they may have discontinued the feature but did not update the manual. Any 2020 owners or others out there who can help??
I would appreciate. Thanks much.
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Correct, as far as I know you can't set the active engine sound in the custom drive setting. You can change it in car settings from the main menu. If you can't find it let me know ill go to my car take see exactly where and tske a picture.
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