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Brake Options

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It seems that the Stinger comes with Brembo vented disk brakes, with quad piston front calipers and dual piston rears. Oddly enough it seems the Brembo brake package comes standard on the GT, GT1 and GT2 trims but not on the Stinger or Premium. I've had Brembos on previous cars and I have to say they were a good call considering this cars potential.
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Brembo is pretty much the world leader when it comes to brakes, don't think any other manufacturer is as well known and widely accepted as them. Italian too and I do so love what their country produces; Alafa Romeo, Italian cuisine, Brembo. They're the highest standard for performance cars and motorcycles.
I hope the factory pads are good enough that we won't have to upgrade the pads but at least if we do then it will be one of the cheaper changes to make compared to what other brake parts cost.
You honestly don't need to change much aside from the pads unless you magically managed to somehow damage the calipers and that's generally hard to do.
There will be no need to make any changes to the stock brake set up. The only way you're going to damage the rotors/pads is if you plan on testing the stop distance of the Stinger on a regular basis. The only thing I will say about Brembo's is that they aren't very accommodating with winter rims set ups. Seeing as how most people wont be going the black steel rim option on this car, I don't think that'll be an issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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