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C43 AMG vs Kia Stinger GT

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Here's someone doing an acceleration test between the C43 AMG and Kia Stinger GT. The one thing Mercedes has on the Stinger is AWd and even then the C43 isn't quicker by all that much, staying around 6 or 7 mph ahead of the Stinger GT. In some points that gap is reduced to around 1-2 mph. May as well go for the more affordable option that around $10k less.
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If they were going to pit these two models against each other, why wouldn't they have them both spec'd the same with AWD? Does reinforce the fact the Stinger matches the performance of vehicles in much higher price brackets.
Doesn't look like the Stinger has any problem reaching beyond its class. It's a shame that so many people allow the badge to sell it short of its potential. I have yet to see a head to head comparison where the Stinger didn't exceed expectations.
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Hopefully the new K900 can help Kia to establish itself as a premium brand. I know they are already finding it difficult to sell the Stinger at its current price point, and I'm not sure what its going to take for consumer to look past its Korean nameplate.
Kia could always consider to go the route of Genesis if they truly believe its their branding that's hurting the Stingers success. I think its more the result of skepticism around the new platform, and with time I believe that will change.
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