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They say the hatch may limit rear visibility. I don't think it should be too much of an issue though

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Part of visibility depends on you. I'm tall enough that in just about any vehicle I sit high enough to see where other drivers are and objects. But at the same time I don't put myself into positions where my visibility is further compromised. The want for this car is stronger than small issues like this.
Being taller, the sloping roofline would work against you in that situation whereas if you were shorter, you're eye level would be under the slope.

But again, it's not much of an issue at all. It's something that with the right drivers experience, this wouldn't hinder your abilities at all.
when you're driving forward, the rear view should be fine and new technology will compensate for reduced visibility when you're backing up. I've actually been in wirse cars where the headrests can cover up half of the rear window.
Well lucky for us the windows are big enough and the belt line doesn't come up nearly as high as other new cars these days. Both of those go a long way to help visibility. Being a world product they didn't have a choice. Down the road that will change.
Did anyone else notice that odd piece of plastic in the middle of it's upper grill? What's that for? It seems to cover the front camera too?
Probably just a plastic shielding for the camera for ACC and all of that good stuff. A lot of vehicles are coming with that now actually. Looks a little odd when you really look at it but I think they did a good job disguising it in a sense.
I've never looked at a front camera close enough to see the protective plating. Other than that, the front facia is perfect, down to the small details like those chrome hood vent accents.
They used chrome accents in all of the right places thankfully. They really outdid themselves on the exterior of the Stinger. It's not so flashy that it looks cheap, but it's flashy enough that it catches your attention and by the time you look at it in the whole picture, you realize how beast and sport it really looks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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