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Diesel engine transforms Stinger for the worse

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For those who don't know the Stringer is available with a CRDi, which is available exclusively in Europe. Reviews have started to come out for this third variant of the saloon, that attempts to satisfy European demand for diesel powered premium models. It seems however that the 2.2l turbo diesel is very unrefined, and sluggish, as it uses the same engine that powers the Sorento and Santa Fe, which date back nearly a decade.
Although its power and torque numbers are respectable-with 197 horsepower and 325 lb-ft, it has slightly more oomph than the BMW 420d Gran Coupe-this engine disappoints on both refinement and efficiency.
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The only other kind of powerplant that I want to see in the Stinger is a hybrid. I personally think it was a wasted investment to develop a diesel engine for this car, as sales and interest in diesels even in Europe are at an all time low.
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