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Dive Into Stinger GT’s Active Safety Features

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Some forum members may know their Stinger GT's inside and out by now while others are still in the honeymoon (break-in) phase and haven't tested out all the Active Safety Features yet. That's where long term reviews like this one from MotorTrend comes in.

Of course, even they aren't all knowing. Last time Alex Nishimoto from MT gave the Stinger's lane keep assist system a try, he claims the corrections were so minor they didn't help even in the gentlest of bends. Afterwards, a few strongly worded emails from readers, claiming that the level of correction can be adjusted, trickled in. Lo and behold, you really can fine tune the system via the instrument cluster display.

There, a menu for driver assistance features can be found and under the Lane Safety heading are three options; Active LKA, Standard LKA, and Lane Departure Warning. In the standard setting, corrections are minimal when the system detects a lane approaching. When set to Active, the safety feature puts more effort in staying between lane markers.

Aside from the new Lane Safety discovery, he also found out that there's a sort of timer when the adaptive cruise control with stop and go system is being used. When the car comes to a stop for less than 3 seconds, the system will resume automatically. If the stop is more than 3 seconds, you'll need to hit the gas in order to start moving again.

Perhaps we'll see another email spurred Stinger GT update from Mr. Nishimoto in the future.
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I didn't know you could adjust the rate of Stinger cruise control change until now. Thought it was just a singular setting too. Good to know and prevent future accidents from happening.
I'm glad to see that car makers are factoring in how long we would stop at a traffic light or in traffic because often times that has been within the 3 second range.
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