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Doug DeMauro RAVE review on YouTube!!!!!

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He loves it. He drives the GT2 and there's nothing he puts down about it except for the KIA name. Watch it. It will make you buy one if you haven't and make you proud if you have!
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Not surprised given the fact that most people that share similar views to him rated it high. I found it hard to find anyone disappointed with the Stinger, its a solid product.
Not too surprised here either, but the DougScore certainly makes a statement (if you watch him regularly and understand how it works..)

I love his reviews, and so far he's the only one to show some of the neat little features built in to the Stinger. Didn't mention the active bolsters, though, nor comment on the limited slip diff..
Here's an interesting followup from Doug..

(note this article also includes a link to the previous review mentioned above)
I guess that's a good article for someone that isn't used to seeing how a car makers launches a similar line of products but one great example is Lexus. Just like how they launched the F Brands, we are likely to see a similar progression with Kia.
Most reviews I've seen online give pretty high praise for what Kia has accomplished with the new Stinger. I'd like to see more reviews come out owners/daily drivers however. It easy to like a car when you only have it for a short period of time and don't have the opportunity to find its quirks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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