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Even faster Stinger in the future?

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In an interview with Motor Magazine, Kia Australia's general manager Kevin Hopworth said that Albert Biermann is looking into the possibility of an even faster Stinger. Biermann switched to Kia from BMW's M Division and now there's talk of a "Stinger Special".

They didn't say much more on the matter, but maybe the Stinger Special will have a tuned 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 with even better suspension. Who know's what's in store if this bit of news is really true.
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As great as that would be, I'm also really interested to see what they'll do to the exterior as it already looks very sporty and aggressive. Maybe some sort of lip kit or splitters? A spoiler of some sort? Aggressive wheels. I'm not too sure, but a Stinger Special that's supposed to be even faster will definitely have the look to go with it.
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