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Favourite part of the exterior?

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What's your favourite part of the exterior of the Kia Stinger?

For me, I would have to say the rear end as it looks very Maserati-esque and I love Maserati haha.

If I were to change anything about the rear, it's probably only things that someone would personally do which is debadge, and possibly change that lower fascia to carbon fiber, and add a diffuser to it to add a bit more aggression. Love the overhang on the trunk for a smooth finish. Nothing intrusive or obstructing the overall design of the vehicle.

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The front facia of course! It's so far removed from the usual Kia lineup with those aggressive air intakes; how angled the lines are and the hood vents completes the look. Reminds me of muscle cars, but with a lot more finesse.
Ahh I do agree. It does have a muscle-esque feel to it when looking at the front end with some Italian styling in my opinion. Much like the approach many vehicles are taking now as, let's face it, is extremely attractive and works very well with the market.
There's a lot more hood ridges added to cars these days and they generally look pretty beefy in the front end. Not that I'm complaining because it works out splendidly for the Stinger and the lower grille is perfect for a license plate mount. Some car designs just doesn't seem to be front plate friendly.
A lot of cars look really weird when you put a front license plate on it. Trying to think if I would rather a tow-hook relocation kit or if I'd rather go the under-bumper hideaway license plate mount. There's no way I'm going to let them drill into my front bumper.
You can request to have that left out. even the side profile of the Stinger is nice, roofline reminds me of a coupe. Maybe it'll affect the rear passenger headroom, but the sportier look is worth it. There are even air vents on either side of the front fenders.
Not too worried about passenger head-room as I rarely have passengers in the car. Even so, I'm sure they wouldn't mind it that much unless they were really tall 6foot+

The vents are a very nice touch though and when running a twin-turbo setup like the GT has, the venting will be much appreciated to get all that heat build up out.
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