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Google Assistant Gets An Upograde

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Google recently updated their voice-bot system for Android Auto so now drivers can do a few more things hands free while driving the Stinger. Now you can ask random questions on top of controlling music, navigation, and calls. Could just ask Google Assistant for the weather now or the hours of operation at the local pharmacy. Too bad it doesn't show you pictures of the destination or an overhead sat map like the Audi Allroad's Google Earth.
Still an improvement.
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Hopefully improved standard features help to bring more attention to the Stinger. Still cant believe that automakers are releasing cars without Android Auto or Apple CarPlay compatibility.
I know some want their own systems implemented instead of cooperating for Google and Apple, maybe there's a premium automakers pay to use android auto or carplay. But it's not that appealing when what we now consider an essential feature is not offered. That's like leaving out a CD player in the older cars.
At least Kia is willing to offer us the feature and even update it for us.
Most of us don't need to use voice activation, or at least I don't. Would be perfect if they could just perfectly mirror Google maps on the infotainment screen so I can operated it like it was on my phone (touchscreen search bar, satellite view, options list, etc.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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