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Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone
My name is Rob and owner of UNIQ PERFORMANCE
The stinger will be our next platform we will be working on including our own test vehicle for upcoming custom parts
We will also be offering Tunes and all other nice goodies :)
We are slowly adding products to our site so olease bare with us
In the meantime visit us at
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Welcome to the forum! which Stinger model did you get to use as a development vehicle?
And what's in store for us? :D
Welcome, and I am sooo looking forward to having parts available before I purchase.
Thanks Guys
We arenow vendors on this page and have a few items online
Slowly we will be adding more product as it becomes available local in North America and in Korea :)
Glad to see a dedicated performance brand is coming out with products for the Stinger but can you give us some insight on what to expect or at least some (not too revealing) updates? This would in turn benefit you guys by drumming up interest ;)

I used to be part of group buys on new products and often the vendors who did that stirred up the most product interest.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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