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Hello from Seattle

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Hi all! I just got me a white 2018 GT. I love it!! The power and speed is awesome and impressive. I’m planning on adding tint and maybe some racing stripes. The stinger badge is to the left rear and I’m liking the centered stinger badge. Any thoughts?
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new GT! And yeah I personally like the Stinger badge relocation to the center of the trunk as well. Kia really should have made a new emblem altogether for this model.
Welcome to the forums!

That seems to be one of the first mods customers are doing! Let us know if we can help you with this or anything else for your Stinger!

For stripes nothing to me would be better than stripes that pay homeage to some Kia racing team.
Plus it would be an easy way to decide what to get.
Congrats on the new car and welcome to the forum! Any black accenting will look great on your vehicle and hopefully we can get some pics as you begin to modify it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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