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Kia announces 2019 Lebron James Stinger GT

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Kia has recently partnered with Lebron James to produce a special one of a kind Stinger GT. They didn't give many details as to what exactly has been changed for this variant, but they debuted a teaser video on twitter. Check it out
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I think Korean car makers need to stop following hype like these players and focus more on what gets people passionate about the cars they sell. You sure don't see BMW doing this, yet look what they've been doing this whole time. Kia can learn a lot.
It's apparent that Kia still doesn't know the best way to market a performance car, as they have already relied on other celebs for previous marketing. With them being so new to the segment, it's going to take awhile before they realize what works for them.
Endorsements can go a long way, and Kia doesn't have the same prestige that luxury car makers can rely on. The only reason why we aren't seeing more interest in the Stinger is because of its badge.
I'm assuming that there are a lot of people who are waiting on long term reviews, because that's where the Stinger is likely to fall short of German rivals. Even though its got the performance to match, reliability is still a bit of a grey area.
It will depend on what you're after and those wanting something cheaper and easier to maintain will go for the Stinger.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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