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Kia Pickup Truck Previewed

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Could a Kia pickup truck be in the cards?

With every automaker rapidly expanding its lineup of trucks and SUVs, it wouldn't come as a surprise. Kia recently just expanded its off-road-capable lineup with the launch of the Telluride, a vehicle that has inspired this artists rendering.

With Kia's sister-company Hyundai looking to get into the compact pickup segment with the Santa Cruz, Kia wouldn't want to compete. Instead, it would move up-market and up in size, with Telluride-based mid-size pickup. Similar in design to the Honda Ridgeline or the previewed Volkswagen Tanoak concept, the Telluride pickup would be a unibody construction and feature the same all-wheel drive system as the SUV, with power defaulting to the front axle, but with the ability for an AWD lock at speeds under 40 mph.

More Pictures And Details Here: Kia Pickup Truck Previewed
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no doubt this is a very cool truck, we have some trucks which we use for NYC 24-hour towing services, but I wanna get my personal truck so I think this truck can be my personal one for use. do you know the towing capacity of this truck? if so let me know, please, I am intrusted to buy this one.
Wow, to be honest that is the first time I have actually seen it. Honestly, I really like how it looks, it is kind of awkward, but in a good way. I am actually really surprised that Kia are actually doing it, a pick up truck. I understand that it is a great deal for the american market, as most probably it would not be that popular in any other area. Let's be honest, we really like trucks, while people from Europe or Asia, they are more into small cars, and saloons. We have got the biggest amount of trucking companies in here actually. That is exactly why we also have the best factoring companies for truckers, as we really need that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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