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Kia Stinger as a highway patrol vehicle

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It looks like the Queensland Police Service in Australia will be the first police force to utilize the new Kia Stinger V6 as a highway patrol vehicle. Two pursuit spec'd Stingers are currently being tested, where they have had some minor modifications to meet police patrolling requirements. It already has the mandatory boot space and powertrain, but will likely be swapping to 18 inch rubber to eliminate the staggered setup. Should the Stinger be confirmed as a policing vehicle, hopefully Kia will be able to keep up with demand.
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Whatever they can afford when it comes to cop cars, but not ideal in case it ever needs to make a move on another car or it gets into an accident. That's a pretty expensive car to damage.
Then again, other countries have police cars that are much more expensive. Namely Dubai and their supercar fleet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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