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Kia Stinger body panels

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Has anybody else had problems with drive side front quarter panel alignment with front bumper cap? I have had the car at dealer body shop twice and they have been unable to fix it..
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If its beyond basic adjustment the dealer can do it might be a manufacturing defect. Have you contacted Kia Corporate?
Haven't seen any reports of body panel issues with owners on here. Might just be a one off issue. Always good to give your car a heavy one over before taking delivery.
I agree with the once over. Never buy a black car at night. Good news, Kia took care of it, took one week to make it happen. BTW, found another car in the lot with this issue.
Hmm. Wonder if there was a bad batch of production models if that's the case. Glad to hear that your dealer was able to have it addressed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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