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Kia Stinger Drifting!

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I'm not much of a drifter at all, but I definitely am a burnout kind of guy with the occasional powersliding and 180 here and there. But this video showcases just some of the fun you could have with the Kia Stinger. A few pulls to see the acceleration and you can tell this isn't going to be a slouch by far.

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One day I'll be able to drift...but my practice sessions definitely won't be in a brand new Kia Stinger. Maybe one day some of us can drift in the snow like this driver, whoever they are.
You can practice with a Stinger and what it will come down to is practicing in safe areas like a big parking lot without anything you will hit.
Maybe sometime down the road Kia will hold driving programs much like what BMW and other brands have done so far.
It's far easier to drift in a rear wheel drive car than an AWD car, that's for sure. And slippy terrain such as snow, obviously aids in making the car slide. Even the video posted by Thumper, which has a professional driver in the Stringer, is drifting on a wet track. I think its probably best to practise in something other than your brand new car aha.
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