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Kia Stinger Exhaust Note

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Here's a video of the Kia Stinger giving a little rev. Sounds very tame in my opinion which is good. Can't wait to hear what the aftermarket will have for it though as I'll really want more grumble.

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If you're after the Stinger exhaust note, this reviewer sprints a Stinger GT from 0-100km/h and recorded it. Even hear them rev it at a stanstill.

Not going to attract much attention with that, although it sounds ok when you're driving it (of course, it has "active" exhaust sound enhancement..)
Yeah I don't think many buyers will be satisfied with that level of sound. Definitely think we'll see early buyers opting to swap in an aftermarket system. A car like this is meant to turn heads and I really don't think the OEM exhaust provides that. I wonder if a cat back system will provide enough of a change.
It's not the most distinct sound when it comes to performance cars and maybe it won't be turning heads gong down a street, but the stock exhaust is fine for now. Of course you can always swap it out for a more aggressive change in exhaust note and maybe if it breathes better than the factory one, you'l see a slight increase in power.
Someone needs to come out with a set of long tube headers or something crazy long those lines to really open up this engine. Don't know what potential it has to sound better but often a full headers back system does wonders on just about all cars you put them on.
I have a feeling this exhaust would be much louder if they had opted for high flow cats/mufflers. I wonder if people will go the route of a muffler delete as a cheap alternative until we see full aftermarket kits. A full header back exhaust kit gets really pricey, but you're right about the huge difference in the level of performance and sound.
Not a fan of muffler deletes because all you lose is a few pounds for an annoyingly loud sound, maybe low end torque is reduced slightly too.
I don't recall if the M3 or RCF had one, but the C43 AMG I test drove had a switch to select exhaust mode. It sounded great in normal, but pretty darned awesome in sport.
I haven't heard of any owners citing the option to switch the exhaust note, but that would certainly be a cool feature. Possibly something that could be included standard, should the Stinger see successful sales, which I have a good feeling is likely. And I'm also not a fan of muffler deletes, because is usually results in a constant drone.
Not a fan of muffler deletes because all you lose is a few pounds for an annoyingly loud sound, maybe low end torque is reduced slightly too.
Not always does it result in a bad sounding system. Hopefully someone developing a custom system shows us how it sounds in that situation because during the fab process they can likely to do it. If not, it could be a while till we see something from a regular owner.
That's dependant on the rest of the setup for sure. I've seen the Magnaflow aftermarket kit for the new Type R includes a muffler delete, and it isn't obnoxiously loud at all. I'm sure as we start seeing more aftermarket options for the Stinger that we'll see a wide array of different design choices to maximize its performance and sound.
One thing I can't wait to see is for higher end brands like Armtrix to come out with a system for our cars, that will raise the bar quite a bit.
Found a couple videos for some aftermarket exhaust options for the Stinger already. Going to link them here to see what people think of the new sounds. The difference from stock is night and day.



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