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Kia Stinger Filmed Making Doughnuts

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Kia's rear-wheel drive sports saloon may be labelled as a true Grand Touring vehicle, but that doesn't mean the 2018 can't be fun or drift around an empty tarmac lot and make some nice doughnuts.

At a recent event in Korea, Kia took the task of destroying those Stinger rear tires seriously and you can even see tire pieces fly off here and there. Spectators were certainly thrilled by the demonstration, at least that's what it sounds like amid the dulcet tones of tires screeching.

Of course, doughnuts alone won't be enough to show off the Stinger's MacPherson front and multi-link rear suspension, nor will the world know that those wheels are hiding Brembo vented disc brakes.

But it certainly draws attention and potential buyers could be hooked once they find out about the range-topping model's twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6. Paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the Stinger is capable of cranking out 265 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. That's enough to accelerate the sport sedan to 62mph in a brisk 4.9 seconds.

Though drifting in an automatic is possible, we don't suggest doing so unless you're experienced and willing to burn a set of new tires. Automatics can drift but they generally aren't very good at it due to lack of control.

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Yumm ! Those are my kind of donuts ;)

But seriously, I'm not much of a donut guy but it does show that it has the sufficient amount of torque to have some good fun. I'm more of a burnout kinda guy though.
I believe these Stingers are on Michelin Pilot Sport tires which have been proven to aid in drifting. Its that perfect medium of tire that isn't too sticky and allows the tail to slide as you demand it to.
The same tires that are on the Prius. I can already sense changing out the tires very quickly. On the plus side.. that means burnout tires ;)

The 86 twins come with the same tires essentially and a lot of them were quick to change them out for drastically better grip
Making doughnuts with an automatic car isn't exactly easy so it raises my respect for those drivers. Something to try out when your tires are at the end of their lives, may as well have some fun before changing them. Best to do it near the garage where your tires will be changed so it's a short limp to new shoes.
With the tiptronic or "clutchless manual" it isn't too difficult as you don't really need to shift gears and once you can keep the rpms up, you'll be good to go.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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