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Kia Stinger Marketed As Fleet Car

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When I think of fleet cars, most of the time I assume the lot will be filled with average sedan/suv/crossovers. Never really saw something liek the Stinger, but Kia Australia seems to be targeting fleet customers. Think they'll be able to move a lot of units that way?

"I think it is fair to say that Stinger is going to offer a lot to fleet customers _ particularly the 2.0T. I'm not so sure we are so much pushing it as a replacement for the Commodore/Camry/Falcon markets but that is an area of the fleet world which is changing and Stinger is certainly an option for fleet buyers to consider," Hepworth said.

Kia targeting fleet customers with Stinger
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I really can't see this being a fleet car at all. It doesn't look luxury enough to be used as a limo company type of thing, doesn't looks too sporty to be used for anything fleet really
For markets in the eastern part of the world I can see these being used as police interceptors much to the extent the above mentioned are, Commodore/Camry/Falcon. But that might be tough in North American with how much the Taurus, Charger, Explorer, etc. are used and how recent they joined fleets
Pulling these as undercover police cars in North America is a sure fire way to screw a lot of people lmao
I can't see it as a fleet car for the average renter so it may not appeal to rental companies like Enterprise, but for undercover cops it could be a possibility. Just not the safest if a chase were to ever happen.
Where I am I don't even think cops chase anyone... or at least I haven't seen a chase in forever. But at the same time, I don't think Kia has any real deals or contracts with the authorities as they typically use domestic north american vehicles.
Perhaps they're targeting the higher end rental services that offer customers more exotic looking options compared to the generic camry and whatnot. I've heard of something like that for the really high end brands, but not sure about the mid level ones like the stinger.
Yeah that's the part that's essentially throwing me off. Trying to figure out who would utilize it. It's not a vehicle I can see in a rental car fleet like Enterprise. Isn't Uber Executive type of material. Not taxi cab material either. It's weird.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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