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Hello fellow forum members.

My name is David, and I am the owner here at the Kia Stinger Store.

Some of you may know me from the K5 Optima Store, which is the parent company to Kia Stinger Store.

We are happy to be a part of the community here, and will soon be finished building our website for you guys to see.

After being part of the KDM community for over 5 years now, we are really excited to get things started in the stinger community.

There will be several products we will be offering exclusively for the Kia Stinger on our new website which is coming soon.

However, if there are any special requests for parts, or any questions you may have, feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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Welcome to the boards. I'm really interested to see what the aftermarket is going to have in store for this in regards to aero upgrades. It already looks so great, lets see how they'll make it better!
Any sneak previews of what you'll be offering for the Stinger? ;)
Maybe a catch can or air intake?
A catch can would be a great idea because of the turbos as well. Cutting down any amount of oil going through is super helpful and increases longevity like crazy.
Glad to have you guys on the forum. I guess you guys will become a vendor here soon enough as Stinger parts roll in, can't wait for those days, hopefully when that happens we can get some group buys happening.
Thank you all for the warm welcome, and sorry for the late response back.

As things are developing, our new site should be completed in the next 6-8 weeks. (Hopefully sooner)

In regards to what we have, we will carry all types of products for the Stinger. Similar to the 350+ products we carry now for other Kia & Hyundai vehicles.

Performance Products, Suspension Products, LED Lighting, Carbon Fiber Products, OEM Korean Products, Wheels, etc.

When a new car comes out, it can take time for manufacturers to produce products for it, but rest assured we will be on top of adding any new parts to our site

K5 Optima Store is the North American Distributor of the LAP3 Uncle Chip Tune that is shown here.

It is considered a "piggyback tune" as it does not alter the ECU by reflashing. (Which means it is undetectable on the dealership level)

We have been selling this product for turbo Kia & Hyundai vehicles for over 2 years now, with over 600 units sold.

We have already added the option to our site on the LAP3 product page below, to order for the new Stinger model.

Also, you can view the items we have available right now for the Stinger, on our site here: Kia Stinger Product Collection - K5 Optima Store

LAP3 Uncle Chip Performance Tune - K5 Optima Store (Compatible on both the 2.0T & 3.3T models)

If anyone has any questions about the product and how it works, feel free to reach out anytime. I also suggest reading some of the reviews on our site from actual customers.


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well... there's no way you will have Stinger-specific parts out already but I can see that listing universal parts being doable right now.
Do you know what Stinger-specific parts you guys will be coming out with in the not too distant future?

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I like the base Stinger, can you arrange a Group Buy for:

K inside the circle badges (like the Optimas)
Color coded body side moulding
Upgrade front halogen headlights to HID/LED
Rear bumper reflector to signal/brake lights
Red brake caliper cover (look like Brembo)

Thank you
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