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Kia Stinger Tire Sizes

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I've seen the Kia Stinger sitting on Continental tires as well as Michellin tires and haven't found a direct specification as to which tires will be on there, but I did manage to find the tire sizes that will be available.

The V6 Stinger will receive:
[F] 225/40/R19
[R] 255/35/R19
(vented Brembo brakes will be standard. Four piston front calipers and two piston rear calipers)

The 4-cylinder Stinger will receive:
225/45/R18 square setup
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They say performance tires on their site, but we have no idea what those could be since both Michellin and Continental produces performance tires. At least we have a general idea of the rims; a set of Staggered 19" Alloy Wheels should come standard.

Maybe the base model will come with Continental since it's the set on display in their gallery:
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Definitely staggered and I'm wondering what the rim specs are at this point. 225 up front and a massive 255 on the rear. This should be interesting indeed!
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