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Kia Stinger VS Genesis G70

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It was bound to appear on the forum at some point as they both share the same platform and architecture. Hyundai says the Genesis G70 will be faster and more dynamically capable than its Kia sibling.

Do you guys think they'll be in direct competition or will they appeal to different buyers?
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No way they can be in direction competition, the Stinger is more of a budget product. Last I checked its set to rival the likes of the Civic Si hatchback. G70 is just part of Hyundai's push for higher end luxury-sport vehicles, so we'll see Genesis models priced higher than what we've been used to. They really want to go after MB, BMW, etc
I don't think it'll be in direct competition with the G70.

BUT from what I've been reading, this is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to a 4-series but is within competition for that. Car and Driver has it listed against the entry level luxury segment against the likes of the A4, C-Class, 4-series, XE, etc.

If you have a big budget and don't mind spending $5k more on top of a high spec Stinger for a base G70, then this comparison is probably for you but not many go that direction. Personally, well options is preferred.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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