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Kia Stinger vs Holden Commodore VXR

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While I was hoping this comparison was with an actual Holden Commodore and not the euro based Opel Insignia, its always nice to see the Stinger outperform. Really concerning that the tranny on the Commodore would just give out for no reason.
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I rather avoid all the problems that come with Opels and instead go for the Stinger. At this point I have more faith in them.
It's pretty obvious from this head to head how outclassed the Opel is. And to be honest I didn't even know that they offered a performance sedan.
You don't hear about the opel much outside of Europe whereas the Stinger belongs to a more global brand. Probably for good reason because their cars aren't that great anyways.
Can't really compare to what the performance made Stinger has to offer.
Yeah they are what I would call a discount brand, and this video just confirms how dissimilar they are. Other than being more sporty sedans, they don't share much in terms of performance. Id like to see a comparison against a true Commodore though.
It won't really be an apples to apples comparison if you pit the Commodore against the Kia stinger. because they use different drives; RWD, FWD, optional AWD. And the 3.6 engine in the Commodore stinks compared to the Stinger's engine. Holden didn't even go for the LF4 turbo.
Well it would make for a more compelling video than this one aha. We know that the Stinger excels in this segment, and I wasn't expecting it to be a Mustang in the 1/4 mile, but that was a little circumstantial.
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