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Korea Spec Kia Stinger Pricing Announced

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Kia's new Stinger sports sedan has officially gone on sale in Korea and its competitive pricing will give German rivals a run for their money.

Made available in Korea on May 23, the entry level Stinger can be purchased for just 35 million won or around $31,000 USD. Powered by a 2.0L petrol turbo engine, it is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and comes with a few standard features including a set of alloy wheels shod in Bridgestone tires, projection headlamps, 4-way power driver seat, Smart navigation and more.

One step up is the Platinum trim version for 37.8 million ($33,500), which adds a few extra safety features like side and rear collision warning, along with LED head lamps, leather upholstery, etc.

The more powerful 3.3L twin-turbo V-6 models starts at 44.6 million won ($39,600) for the basic Masters edition and 48.8 million ($43,300) for the GT. That additional $3,700 for the GT model adds on a mechanical limited-slip differential, head-up display, around view camera system, premium Lexicon sound system with 15 speakers and a few exterior aesthetic upgrades.

There's also a 2.2L turbodiesel model with a MSRP of 37.2 million won ($33,000) and comes in at 40.3 million won ($35,800) for the Platinum trim.

"The Stinger is priced to appeal to buyers on (both) a rational and emotional level," a Kia spokesman told WardsAuto at the model's public launch in southern Seoul. "We want the car to be attainable."

And attainable it is when you compare the Stinger to German models like the BMW 4-Series coupe ($42,400) and Audi 5 Sportback ($43,775).
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There's also an Extreme package for 4,800,000 Won (4277.95) more. It comes with smart nav, Lexicon system with 15 speakers, active engine sound, around view monitoring system, HUD, Nappa leather seats, power driver seat, suede head lining and other things I can't really understand. At that price, you may as well go up a trim and go for the V-6.
15 speakers in this car has to sound amazing! The nav I'm not too worried about, don't really care for the HUD either. The seats could prove to be worth it alone with the audio system though.

Can't wait for these to make it over though. That twin-turbo v6 alone is making me twitch in excitement :|
The Australia trim list has been released and there's also 6 offerings, so that means the rest of the world will see similar trims if not exactly the same. So we can start deciding on what we want based on what Kia has released and leaked.
There's no way that will be real leather. Important to note that since people can get the wrong impression. 20 years ago it was possible to get real leather in a vehicle like this, but there's a 75% chance this time around it will be a synthetic. All we have to do is look at products like the Soul for reference.
Nappa leather typically means an animal leather that has been dyed and sanded down to make it a lot softer. Personally, I don't care if it's synthetic, real, made out of cow or lamb or what. If it feels good, and it looks good, I'm a happy camper.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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