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Korean Stinger Get E Badge

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This really isn't a big deal to me, but the Korean Stingers get an E badge instead of the Kia badge and I have to say, it looks a lot better IMO. It represents the theme of "Engineered by Excellence". Maybe someone can order one online.
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I wouldn't say that I mind it, but I'm curious why they wouldn't have opted to just go for the flying k logo, if they didn't want to use the standard badge. IMO this new badge isn't well known, and it certainly doesn't bring Kia to mind. I wonder if that new badge will be standard for all higher performance Kia models down the line.
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Doubt it'll be the standard globally because as i said, it's limited to Stingers sold in Korea and it'll probably continue to badge Kia's performance line there. Elsewhere it'll be the lettered badge, which can be changed for an aftermarket one if you want. Just a pain to remove them with floss and glue remover.
The problem with aftermarket logos, is they don't always fit perfectly and sometimes the glue backing on them doesn't hold for very long. New badges can certainly be a pain to remove, but I've had good luck with GooGone. I wonder if Stinger down the line will receive its own branded logo, similar to what Hyundai did with the Genesis.
I always liked how the badge looks but at the same time its kind of corny if you ask me. Too bad they couldn't come up with some mystical animal to use instead as that is what most owners would rather have.
I really like that JDM badge, but I really think that Kia should make an entirely new badge specifically for the Stinger. Perhaps something along the lines of this, that fuses the two badges together?
The Stinger represents a brand new venture for Kia and I think they should do everything they can to make it stand out from the rest of their line up.
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We have a few different options for emblems and badging on the Stinger, but will have tons more once the new site is up and running.

In the meantime, you can see what we have here:
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Looks great, thanks for sharing. Not surprising to see people opting for an aftermarket badge, as I really feel the OEM option doesn't do the Stinger justice. I'm pretty sure you can get that JDM badge in variety of different colors and finishes as well i.e carbon fiber, so I have a feeling it'll be one of the first upgrades new owners make.
Maybe I'm in the minority, but I still prefer the 'E' badge over the flying K, not that it doesn't look nice as well. To each their own i suppose and the red wine badge looks pretty nice on that white car's trunk.
I like the E but without the surround it will look better and far more elegant. Or at least they should offer it with a surround that doesn't stand out so much. Most high end car makers don't do what Kia did here and this is one of the simpliest things they can do.
I think its unfortunate that the 'E' badge is exclusive to Korea, because at least its something original for the Stinger. If I recall correctly its supposed to indicate excellence? I guess owners could always go the route of ordering it online, as there are few options to choose from at this point. I even prefer the rebadging that places Stinger in the center of the trunk.
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