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Missing heated steering wheel?

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Now this might seem odd but in checking out KIA website, I see the heated steering wheel listed as an option on all cars and to get that you have to get the AWD option, really KIA!!? Genesis is doing something similar but that is not having the rear heated seats unless you go for the AWD option, KIA should go their own way and provide those as standard features outside of the AWD package. Not everyone is going to want the AWD system, I plan on getting a winter setup much like I did with my BMWs. Are they saying we should park our RWD cars in the winter? Why then offer the front heated seats? Yeah, I'm nit picking but after having that feature in my Optimas, I would expect it to be available on the Stinger. I hope they correct this.
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Pretty sure you can order any option combination you want, they just have a limited number of options in the first batch of cars to arrive here.
I'm looking at the build page and it should be an option for non AWD cars as well, unless the site is wrong. This is from a quick glance at the entry level model's details page.
Where are you located? Sometimes whats offered changes based on location and that would be a good start for this conversation. Might be some others in the same situation.
^This may be why it's missing for you. I was looking at the U.S. site and they have it available for non AWD models. Perhaps this may not be the case in countries that are generally warmer.
Steering Wheel Heater

I was a little surprised that my Premium did not have a steering wheel warmer or back seat warmers or ventilated seats up front. As far as the steering wheel warmers I did not see a single rear drive car with that option here in southern calif. I understand that every option costs money but I would gladly pay extra for the premium package if they had all or most of the above options. :angel
I'm sure we'll see improvements to the additional options in the next generation Stinger, seeing as how they are already considering an expansion to the trim levels. What do you need a heated steering wheel or seat warmers for if you're from Cali aha.
There should be aftermarket options if you really want warm hands and rears for your passengers, but not really worth the effort or cost IMO.
They definitely shouldn't be locking certain features to trim levels like that, this early on in the Stingers release. You'd think they would want to make the features/options list as appealing to new buyers as possible.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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