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New gt2 owner

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Just traded in my FBO 2011 335xi with a Cobb tuned for the kia Gt2. Great car! It's joining my garage alongside a 2017 Corvette stingray, Ducati 899 panigale, Ford explorer, and Kawasaki concourse 14.

Looking forward to seeing how the stingers following does. 500 miles on odometer and counting!
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How do you like? I settled on Premier model....AWD.....
had '13 optima sxl with lap 3........ after breakin when lap 3 added .....will be sweet enough for me
A bit late, but congrats on the new Stinger! The hard part will be keeping it clean from all the snow and salt on the roads. Wouldn't say no to a picture of your well stocked garage. :D
I have to say that with the vehicles you own now and you choosing to buy the Stinger, sure says a lot about what Kia has accomplished.... and to think only now we are seeing early launch models! Who knows what the future holds with what their performance division is brewing up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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