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Noisy engine at cold start up

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Just wondering if anybody has the same issue. When I start the car the engine is very noisy very noisy lifter or tappet noise after about a minute or a little longer it does go away but in all my years I have never heard an engine this noisy unless it was worse out. My car only has 6800km my 2007 Infiniti with 400,000km on was silky quite this thing sounds as if the tappets are ready to fly apart.???
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This is an entirely normal noise for the Stinger as a result of the lifters on a cold start. Some also seem to think that the high pressure fuel system which is located just to the left side of the engine also produces a fair amount of noise.
in older cars with high mileage that had similar issues I remember folks suggesting that thicker engine oil might do the trick and in some cases it did, don't know what solution we will have here.

Can confirm this is normal, as the Stinger uses a shim and bucket setup. This is a high performance setup with less moving parts for faster revving and more direct valve action. The noise really just means that there is a little extra clearance.
I guess now we have a better idea of what its like to go down in displacement because you sure don't hear these issues coming from larger displacement V6's and especially V8's.
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