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Where are all the HiChroma Red Stingers at?

We've noticed a significant amount of customers we got choosing the HiChroma Red OEM color, and they look great with the Black wheel setup!

We still think all the other OEM colors are great, but we just wanna dedicate this thread to all our HiChroma Red lovers, let's see all your different setups!

Jump starting this with our customer's HiChroma Red Stinger sitting on our 20" Gloss-Black BD-15 Wheels

Just click on the image to view our full gallery for this project. Enjoy!

Just send us a PM or you may contact us through the following:
Phone: (818) 362-2300
E-Mail: [email protected]

Visit our website and check us out on Social Media:
IG: @BDWheels
FB: /BlaqueDiamondWheels
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