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Stinger Experience is Coming to a State near you

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Not sure how many people on here live in Texas, or are in a nearby state, but there is a Stinger experience event beginning this weekend in Dallas. It's a professional racetrack setting, where you'll really get to test the limits of the new Stinger. Its a two hour session, accompanied by a professional driver. Its coming to a bunch of different states, and the schedule/ sign up can be found here. Kia Stinger Experience

Also here's a layout of the course

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Glad to see that this is happening but they better keep it going to the extent that BMW has, even going right into winter driving experiences.
However that might happen once Kia is ready to make their AWD systems and all weather systems more advanced.
Great to see this, I signed up for the Houston visit.

I was invited to the BMW M-track day event at Circuit of the Americas recently, was great. Wish KIA would do an event similar to that, maybe this one will allow some enjoyment of these fine cars.

Thanks for the info KoreanTune, I hope to see some fellow Stinger folks there...
That list is shorter than expected and a lot of people who would have wanted to test drive a Stinger will be left disappointed. Let us know how the test drive goes, even though it's still a month away.
Hopefully Kia will schedule more test drives once they see the event turnout.
Not a problem, glad to hear you'll have to chance to check it out. Unfortunately none of those locations are near me, so I'll have to rely on the feedback from you guys. Nonetheless its great to see how confident Kia is in the Stinger, and I hope that they continue to support these kinds of initiatives. Imo they go a long way in branding a car as a true performance vehicle.
Kia just need to reel in their dealerships if possible because some dealerships are trying to sell the Sunset Yellow Stinger above MSRP and trying to tack on useless things like mudflaps, gps alarm, etc. These are things that you'd rather add yourself.

But I digress, this experience is a good way to get enthusiasts into a Stinger and then hopefully a dealership.
I'm pretty sure that dealerships haven't been instructed to sell the Stinger above MSRP, so looks like it'll be hit or miss depending on the dealership. Didn't anticipate the Yellow being a popular color, I'm partial to the Snow White pearl. Mudflaps on a sedan? no thank you.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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