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Stock exhaust and two aftermarket

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Neither one really sound very good to me. I think that the exhaust on the blue one is custom and not for sale. The borla site has no info on theirs. If I had to guess, its just an axle back not a full catback, and will run over 1k if they ever release it...

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Not a fan of the Borla exhaust, something about that startup sound grates on my nerves. Probably from years of hearing similarly sounding Harleys ripping it down the street.
Great video, thanks for sharing!

1:15 - cool and aggressive exhaust. Is this the West Coast Customs model? If they will offer it for a reasonable price, sign me in!
Speaking of Stinger's exhaust, I found another video with the bi-modal exhaust version. What do you think about this one?


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I suspect we'll have more than a few exhaust choices by summer and with dyno ratings to boot.
I suspect we'll have more than a few exhaust choices by summer and with dyno ratings to boot.
Given how much people are liking the Stinger I bet that there's even a market for full titanium exhaust systems although it will cost a pretty penny. However with how good it already sounds, $7000-10,000 for a headers-back system can't be too far out of reach for some owners.
Looks like Ark has a performance exhaust for the Stinger as well. It sounds great, but there still is an awful amount of engine noise.
Maybe it's the camera equipment, but that exhaust does not sound good and the person who posted a comment could hear the cans rattling in there. Not something I'd pay around $2,000 for.
Looks like Magnaflow has a system coming for the Stinger as well. Haven't really been overly impressed with any of them, but it does seem like downpipes will be necessary to reduce engine noise.
Not a bad sounding system but i think someone needs to come out with a special type of headers system that will make it sound better. Often that can make it sound like an entirely different beast.
Yeah it looks like the Stinger may require a full system, front to back to maximize on the sound. It's a little surprising considering its performance, that the systems we've seen so far don't provide a bigger improvement. None of these kits are worth their price imo.
Hard to imagine this exhaust system increases the hp by 56, even though they show us the dyno chart in progress.

It is not just exhaust, they add a CAI, full catback and a "chip" tune.

Total from all of that is a 56 HP gain which is not very good at all in my opinion unless it all comes at a low price.
I love how those cold air intakes sound, but I still don't think a catback exhaust is enough for Stinger. I think we've seen similar gains from just a chip tune, so this package its probably over priced. Its great to see so many options for modding the Stinger however.
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