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Tell me about Kia Stinger

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I'm completely new here. So I have some questions about Kia Stinger.
I'm going to buy Stinger this week (I hope) but I have doubts about its quality.
I read a lot of reviews and articles and I didn't find anything crucial.
I think that's because it's a new and young model.

I'm interested in AWD 2.0 version.

What about transmission?
What about plastic and leather quality in the saloon?

As I read, the Audi A5 is still better. Yes, I could be agreed but all reviewers completely forget two things:

1) Design. Stinger has an amazing design! I love it! Audi is not bad, of course, it's just dull. A lot of generations left and it's still dull.
2) Rear drive. Love it!

Thank you, guys!
English is not my native language so I feel sorry if I wrote something wrong :)

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I've had mine for about 2 months now and I love it. I do have the AWD v6 TT but let me know if you have any specific questions.

Quality wise its nice, build quality seems good and here in the states, anyway kia offers a 7 year 80k warranty as long as you are the original owner.
Our customer's got nothing but love for it since they had it and never had complaints on quality!

Plus its got plenty of aftermarket parts available to it, so it could also be a good project car!

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