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Unique License Plate

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There's no better time to register a custom license than for the new Stinger. This may not be mine, but it does make me think of what other witty plate sayings you can have on a Stinger.
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Good idea. Those living in areas where you can have 7+ characters on your license plate will be able to spell Stinger how it was meant to.
Even cooler would be a name that only most Stinger owners know about, but something that's significant to the Stinger.
Custom license plates are a great way to further customize your car, but I was hoping for something more original than Stinger3 aha. Here in Ontario, they start at $300 and I wouldn't spend that just to write the vehicle model on the car again. I wish we were allowed to choose the plate colour, as obviously there could be better colour combinations for matching purposes than white and blue.
In Korea these Stingers have a "E" badge instead of "Kia"
If I swap for the KDM badge then getting something to further represent that will be the route i go. Just not sure what.
Because I have our new clients signed contracts with the company I work with, my boss promoted me and my partner. Long awaited moment, the next day purchased a new Kia Optima Hybrid gift for myself, because of the hard work. I did not stop on that, and found online this website, they have excellent offers and prices for number plates consisting of three letters and three numbers. Mine cost almost the same as my car, but it was worth it. I have my initials there and one of the favorite number, added three times, to the plate. Looks cool.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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