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Good morning,
I just picked up my new 2018 Stinger GT1 on Saturday. I have searched for an answer to my question with no success so I am asking for your assistance. When I test drove the car it had a small vibration. One that I could not feel in the steering wheel, but could feel in the seat of my pants. Salesman said it was likely “flat spots” on the tires from sitting, and that it should go away. He said he drove it after me and no vibration. Driving it home I still felt it. Am I just feeling really connected to the road and should just enjoy myself or should I expect no vibration? It happens at about 48 mph and gets less noticeable around 75 mph. I live in Maine and it is cold, I trade vehicles every 18 months and have never had tires that have “flat spotted”.
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If the vibration is indeed being caused by flat spots on the tires, it should go away quickly. I'd suggest filling your tires a bit higher than normal and driving for around 150 miles or so.
Yeah, I don't feel vibration in mine and didn't when I first bought the car either. I'm at around 7k miles now. If this continues, raise it to the dealership. The sales guy is not going to feel it because he wants to make the sale ;)
Thank you for responding.
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