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What other cars do you own

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What other cars do you have in your household? Is it something along the same lines as a Kia Stinger or is it something in a different segment of vehicles?

How long have you had them??

I currently have a 97 civic in my garage that I use for winter and a 88 Camaro that I have for summer duties. I'll probably be getting rid of the Camaro for the Stinger though but I'm not 100% sure as of yet.
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I'm looking to give my Altima to my kids; take the Tracker to Belize, sell the Jaguar and the Pilot to buy the Stinger.

Selling the Airstream will not happen in my lifetime.

2007 Altima 3.5 V-6 6 speed manual (since new)
2012 Honda Pilot EXL-res (used 53,000 kms 2015)
2003 Chev Tracker LT 2.5 V-6 4dr (since new)
1995 Jaguar XJS 2+2 convertible (used 2005 75,000 kms)
1983 Airstream 310 turbo diesel (used 75,000 miles 2012)

It's complicated, but we're a car family..

Besides my 2015 Sorento, 2003 F150, and my ex's 2011 Soul, we have:

2014 Challenger (daughter's daily driver)
1969 442 convertible (daughter's primary show car)
1969 Mach 1 (primary drag car, but street legal)
1972 Z28 (secondary drag car, street legal)
1970 Corvette (currently disabled, blown rear end, but soon to be rebuilt and improved)

The drag cars all have >500hp. Based on the numbers, I think my Stinger will be faster at the strip. Can't wait to find out!
My DD is a 2017 fusion sport (lemon) that should be gone soon
My wife drives a 2017 Prius
Covered and stored nicely in the garage I have a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT #315 of the first 888
Right now I have a 1998 BMW 540i which oddly enough is holding its value well, right around the same time I want a new car (Stinger of course). I love the 5-Series but while things are going well I want to get rid of it, 4 years with it is enough for me.
Currently it's just a 2015 Lexus RX 350 and a 2017 Honda Civic Sedan, nothing too exciting in the garage. Looking to trade one of them in for the Stinger once the leases are up.
I have a 2007 Nissan 350Z and a 2009 Jeep Wrangler.
my other car is a 2017 aprilia rsv4rr...its awesome
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