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WhatCar? Reviews the Stinger GT S

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Not sure why WhatCar seems to be a little behind with the release of their reviews, but they just recently posted one for the Stinger GT. They think the lower price of the Stinger justifies choosing it over a German alternative, and they believe that it will end up holding its value better as well.
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The Stinger is great for what it costs and a valiant first effort from Kia. It can only get better in the second and third gen if Kia decides to stick with this model in the future. Who better to review the Stinger than a racing driver.
I'm equally excited as to what other models in their lineup that they may be considering GT variants for. Hopefully its not similar to what they did with the Rio though, because that trim was definitely lacking the performance that they packaged into the Stinger.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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