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Which engine will you go for?

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The Kia Stinger is expected to debut in North America with two gasoline engines and Europe will also be getting a diesel unit.

Base mode gets a 2.0-liter turbocharged four producing 255hp and 260 lb.-ft. (352Nm). Above that sits a 3.3-liter turbo V6 rated at 365hp and 376 lb-ft (494Nm).

Nothing has been released yet regarding the diesel so we'll have to wait a bit.
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Hard to decide and you have to ask yourself the question; will I be able to utilize the 3.3-liter turbo V6 to its full potential? That's what I'm thinking and the answer for me is most likely a no because I'm a bit of a conservative driver sometimes.
I'll be opting for the 3.3T V6. If it wasn't boosted, I would end up going with the 2.0L turbo and make necessary changes to compensate the horsepower but I'd definitely much rather have a bigger engine with a turbo.

I typically like some spirited drives and having that kind of power behind the pedal... I'll take it. Although yes I can't utilize it to it's fully potential often, I still rather know it's there if and when I need/want it.
Same here. I'm more after the 3.3T for the tuning ability. Bigger displacement gives you the advantage, 10% increase in power on a 3.3T vs 10% increase on a 2.0L is a big difference. Oh and don't get me started on power to weight ratio!
That is definitely true. Do you know of any companies that typically make tuners for Kia applications? Considering this is going to be my first Kia, I haven't known much about their aftermarket support like I do others.
Hard to say what tuning opportunities will crop up, Kia isn't really known for performance vehicles like the new Stinger.
Celtic Tuning and LAP3 make performance tunes for Kia products so they'll be someone I'll look towards. That was just off of a quick search so I'm still unsure of reliability and quality though.

I'll spend some time brushing up to see if I can find something more concrete and trusted though.
Well, last I checked we're dealing with a new platform, a much more sportier platform. So that being the case there's a lot going for the Stinger and G70. From that we can expect more brands to make products for them. Just like how Hamann branches out from BMW and makes Jaguar parts, we could expect something similar for the Stinger with a Honda/Toyota/Nissan/etc. tuner.
Wouldn't doubt it. This is essentially the first really exciting vehicle they've come out with so the aftermarket will be buzzing. Any brands you looking for directly??
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