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Windshield Tint

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Summers can get blistering how especially when the sun is out. I've come to discover that some people actually tint their windshield to block the heat, never thought to do something like that.
Would the install affect HUD view-ability and has anyone done it before?
I assume you won't go as dark as the side windows.
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The whole idea here is to cut out the UV's and I have seen people accomplish that with tints so light you couldn't tell there was tint installed. Have you consulted your local tint shops as yet? Its known industry wide that this won't impact your HUD.
I thought it was illegal to tint your windshield? I know you can get a sunvisor strip along the top, but I didn't think anything else was allowed? I guess the laws vary from state to state? I wouldn't imagine being allowed to go much darker than 70%.
Thought it was illegal as well, only the side mirrors were allowed to be tinted. A quick google image showed me that it really is possible and something people do. I'm not quite sure how that would affect your driving at night.
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