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Wiper Arm Warning

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Apparently people have been pulling the wiper arms away from the windshield, which is a common thing if you don't want them to freeze to the windshield when the car's parked or if you need to wash the Stinger. But it seems like the arms are too long and when you pull them away from the glass it hits the bonnet and chips away some paint. So do be careful with that.
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If you can figure out where the blades hit the Stinger hood, you could stick on small pieces of clear bra or something similar. I'm sure the local wrap shop can spare their trimmings for free.
Well that sounds like a little bit of a design flaw. Guess you could always swap out the factory wipers for something a little shorter, although it wont reach the far corners of the windshield.
Good idea to keep some touch up paint handy just in case and for anywhere else on the car might need. Not a good look for Hyundai on something so simple.
I tend to get a paint protection done whenever I purchase a new vehicle. You never know when certain little design flaws such as this will present themselves.
Best to keep the wipers close to the windshield or take that clear wrap suggestion. Weird design flaw that they probably overlooked in order to concentrate on something else. Not really a problem so long as we're aware of it now, but a good point to bring up when you take the Stinger in for maintenance just in case the service guys aren't aware of this.
I discovered this straight away on my first hand wash. Makes it a little more difficult to switch out the wiper blades, but I just keep a couple microfiber cloths in the glove box, and throw them down on the hood when I am working on the wipers.
Some people weren't so lucky to find out before doing any damage t the paint. Just need to figure out a way to prevent damage in case you ever forget to put a microfiber cloth there. People are prone to lifting the wipers in winter so they don't freeze to the windshield.
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